2020 Registration Form



Authorization : Please check the boxes to accept the terms and validate your registration

I authorize my child to take part in the activities (games & leisure, sports, excursions, language courses, events, competitions,...) proposed during the summer camp at ISA (Ile aux saveurs d'Afrique).

I authorize the taking of photographs and films representing him/her within the legal framework of the activities and the publication of the photographs representing him/her on a possible blog of the training course or other shows and the use of these photographs by ISA (Ile aux saveurs d'Afrique) with a view to advertising actions and that I may not claim any monetary or in-kind compensation for my child's image rights.

I authorize my child to attend the cultural visits and exchange activities planned by ISA (Ile aux saveurs d'Afrique).

On the agenda : English courses; Guided sightseeing tours; Excursions with picnic; Cultural activities; Cinema: making a short film with participants and professional actors; Theatre; Relaxation and leisure; Sports and games; Gastronomy, Shopping.

Unauthorized activities:

I declare that I have read the general and particular conditions of participation and registration to the ISA Summer Camp; 7th edition of VISA, accept them and commit myself to pay the totality of the related fees.