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Flavourful Island of Africa, a non-profit organization. Authorization N° 868/2016/RDA/C19/SAAJP

Flavourful Island of Africa ‘’ISA’’, member of the COMMONWEALTH WOMEN’S NETWORK-CCAVYPHA-COMMONWEALTH FOR KIDS and member of the FEDERATION LEO LAGRANGE, is an association of professionals founded since 2014.

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6 years of experience supervising more than 700 children through summer camps organized on different sites in partner schools and private spaces, educational talks, cultural shows by the children, recreational days and fairs.


A dozen competitions and certifications in Music and Martial Arts with graduation, training sessions in Culinary Arts and expressive Afro-contemporary dances for children from 3 to 19 years old.


A summer camp in the United Arab Emirates in August 2019.


The opening of a Multifunctional Centre for children, which permanently offers socio-educational activities (Cooking, Music, Dances, Plastic Arts, Martial Arts, manual work…).


The setting up of a mini-library is in progress as well as taking care of out-of-school children.


The organization of the closing of the activities of the regional league of Karate du Littoral with 08 pools of competitions and medallists in the spotlight, on November 28, 2019.


In addition, regular retraining of our management team is carried out with the support of the competent administration and private partners such as the Leo Lagrange Federation and COMMONWEALTH WOMEN’S NETWORK-CCAVYPHA-COMMONWEALTH FOR KIDS.


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“The environment is great!, It’s much better :)”

Rose B.Teacher

“The staff helped me a lot and now I’m a better person.”

Arnaud K.Child

“That’s what I’ve learned; I’ve learned to divide and conquer so it won’t be harder.”

A. OttouChild

“I’ve learned to take responsibility for my actions. We’re having fun.”

M. AndersonChild

ISAKIDS language training" is an immersion program that the ISA association offers every year during the summer holidays to pupils and young students who wish to spend their holidays in a purely English-speaking environment.

The whole day is taken up with foreign language training. This allows them to improve their level in foreign languages while participating in various cultural and tourist activities, local dances, theatre, games, sports. It takes place through 3 hours of intensive courses per day, every morning from Monday to Friday, and accompanied by individual work on the platform once the face-to-face courses are over.

7 years already for ISAKIDS holiday camps, stays and summer camps with ISAKIDOS for : Discovering the world, Acquiring leadership skills, Gaining self-confidence, Taking up challenges, Broadening one's horizons, Deepening language skills, Improving sports performance and Living the team spirit. An ever richer, innovative and sensational program content to forget the daily hassles of school days and learn more while having fun and making new friends.

It is no longer necessary to demonstrate that books are important because of their contributions:

Emotional: exchange with the reader, remembering a story you loved as a child, comparing yourself to the main hero,)
Psychological: to help young people to better understand the scary moments (ex: I have to have surgery, mom is expecting a baby, there are monsters under my bed,).
Cognitive: learn to read, recognize words, follow a story from beginning to end...

ISAKIDS stays are often an opportunity to meet different tribes, ethnic groups and cultures. It is also the opportunity to discover a new vision of art without forgetting the challenges of team sports, visits to villages, chiefdoms and historical places, interactive walks, authentic food and traditional dances, etc... so many activities that will allow you to meet others in their habits and customs while having fun.

Educational and leisure tourism

Visit Africa and the rest of the world differently!

Thanks to our many strategic partners, we are able to provide you with an extraordinary experience during your family stays, study trips and summer camps, to introduce you to places off the beaten track and to introduce you to the local populations in their cultural and linguistic diversity.
ISAKIDS is also a small team of people who are passionate about discovering the world and travelling. Each of its members benefits from many years of experience in the tourism business and an in-depth knowledge of childcare.
Thanks to this experience in the field, acquired through regular trips to each country to prepare extraordinary stays, test the lodges and activities, we put our skills at the service of our participants to offer them real tailor-made and trips adapted to the desires of each child.

Do you want to know the African adventure?

ISAKIDS is able to satisfy the curiosity of your little ones by starting with an exceptional reference destination in its diversity: Cameroon! It is Africa in miniature.
We can help you choose the best destination according to your aspirations, the project of your holidays, the activities you wish to develop for your children, the means you can devote to it, always with the best quality/price ratio.
Consult our proposals for the current year and contact us for more information on the destination of your choice of our stays; on the menu: safaris, holiday resorts, hiking, sightseeing tours, cultural mixing activities, both in the metropolises, forest and savannah regions, and in the more desert parts.

Why leave?

School outings help to give meaning to learning by confronting it with reality.

By giving responsibility to the youngest, it makes them custodians of the goods and values of the collective heritage and reinforces their belonging to the social group. It enables them to acquire "cultural citizenship". The child realizes that he or she does not live alone, that he or she is the product of a history, that he or she has rights but also duties. The pedagogical approach proposed is an invitation to responsibility and always an education for freedom.

The offer of travel for pupils outside their region of origin is not a simple pedagogical technique. It proceeds from the first step of an international educational policy, allowing all children to discover other ways of life and different cultures, thus contributing to citizenship.

It also enables children to discover a new way of life, new places, and to begin new relationships with classmates and also with the teacher. It often gives some pupils the opportunity to get out of their usual environment, to experiment with new things, and sometimes to do tasks that children do not necessarily participate in at home, such as clearing the table, putting away their things alone, etc...

The ISAKIDS platform will offer during its outings to the targeted classes, various resources, conducive to discovery: geographic, cultural, historical, human. It also allows the school to develop a team approach to new challenges.


A checklist of questions to ask yourself before departure so that you don't forget anything.

Make your checklist for leaving (source: Survival manual for teachers, By François Muller).

 The outing has an impact on the organization of the school and school life, and therefore requires a slightly heavier logistical preparation than other more "traditional" activities and very often even the intervention of external professionals on a subcontracting basis. To help you, we propose the following checklist for the field trip / discovery class.

Study trips & international exchanges

Our study trips & international exchanges create a mix between reference schools in different countries of the world and offer various resources that can contribute to the balance in the child and to its awakening to African leadership; and also to enable him to learn and understand by going to meet other cultural and linguistic regions and a new environment. The objective is to strengthen their training by providing them with a perceptible added value in terms of educational results.

Pupils take part in exchanges and workshops with children of the same age from other cultural and linguistic regions outside their country of origin, thus enabling the young people to engage in their first experiences of intercultural collaboration and can address in their lessons experiences from all over the world. Such collaboration is increasingly important during basic and secondary education and thus prepares young people for university and the job market. The students concerned from both countries work out a project together and meet or vis-versa, assisted by at least one of their teachers.